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scenes (98)The World is Funny

Saturday, January 25 at 7PM
Drama, 122 minutes
Directed by Shemi Zarhin
Language: Hebrew and German with English subtitles
Enjoy complementary popcorn and beverages during screening
*Mature Language and subject matter. Recommended for viewers 17 and older.
Film introduction by Paul Porterfield, Director of the Media Resource Center at the University of Richmond

Israel’s number one box office hit that garnered a record-breaking 15 Israel Film Academy Award nominations, The World is Funny blurs fantasy and reality in a multilayered, tragicomic exploration of past traumas and catharsis. Set in provincial sunny Tiberias, the plot consists of a collection of wonderfully strange vignettes that grow in richness as the film progresses. The central characters are estranged siblings who have endured childhood abandonment only to face new challenges in adulthood: a widower (Dana) whose older son has just awakened from a lengthy coma; a radio producer (Elli) and his terminally-ill Russian girlfriend Ola; and a travel agent (Assi) whose daughter was killed in an army accident. These narrative strands and diverse personalities initially seem unrelated, but are gradually knitted together in a satisfying and emotional climax.


afollowmeblastFollow Me

Sunday, January 26 at 10:30AM
Documentary, 87 minutes
An Ari Daniel Pinchot Film
Language: English and Hebrew with English subtitles
Enjoy light breakfast and coffee at 10:15am
Parents and Teens Talkback
Special student rate for all Richmond religious school and day school students

“Provocative and spellbinding. One of the most powerful films of the year.” – Avi Offer, The NYC Movie Guru, 2011

 Yoni Netanyahu hated war but loved his country. He led the seemingly impossible but successful Raid on Entebbe, but tragically became the only Israeli casualty. Told partly through his own letters and poetry, this compelling documentary unveils his complex character by allowing us to see beyond his tough exterior into a deep inner personality where heroism, duty, love, turmoil and doubt raged. His writings describe with striking clarity the exhilaration and fear he faced during the crossroads of his short but fascinating life and the recognition of his human frailty. Nevertheless, Yonatan Netanyahu dared to make a difference, and he is a true modern-day hero. Ultimately a portrait of a young country through a young man, the documentary features interviews with three Israeli Prime Ministers as well as fascinating rarely-seen footage of the 1967 war and the Entebbe raid itself, as covered by journalism legend Walter Cronkite. Follow Me brings a rare portrait of Israel’s elite soldiers and one of their greatest heroes to the screen.


Melting Away pic3Melting Away

Sunday, January 26 at 1PM
Drama, 86 minutes
Directed by Doron Eran
Language: Hebrew with English subtitles
Panel discussion to follow with ROSMY Executive
Director Beth Panilaitis and guests (30 minutes)
*Mature subject matter. Recommended for viewers high-school age and above.

Chosen for screening at more than 70 film festivals!

Melting Away follows a family drawn into crisis when the parents learn that their son is a secret cross-dresser. Years later, as the father is dying, his wife tracks down their estranged son, only to find a lovely woman. Melting Away addresses the issues faced within families when children are not what their parents imagine they will be, and the pain that is experienced on all sides from broken expectations and disappointments. Filmmaker Doron Eran and his partner, screenwriter Bili Ben Moshe, were inspired to
make this film upon hearing reports of parents who refused to visit their injured children in the hospital after a deadly attack at the Tel Aviv LGBT Youth Center.

Audience Award Winner, Shalom European Film Festival, France, 2012
Best Feature, Boston Jewish Film Festival, 2012
Audience Choice Award for Best Narrative film, Seattle Jewish Film Festival, 2013
Audience Choice Award for Best Narrative film, Denver Jewish Film Festival, 2013
Audience Award, Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival, 2013